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Everyone knows that the tendency in packaging bags industry drifts into this product reuse; these bags are made with different strong and durable tissues introducing the nonwoven ones as a kind of balance between the cost and the final result.

The manufacture of nonwoven bags proceeds to gather tiny fibres in networks that are mechanically joined with an adhesive, dissolution or by heat fusion, allowing to link them in a such way that the internal friction of the fibre results in a tough tissue that does not deform, especially useful in the development of reusable bags with a long life.

In the case of traditional manufacturing of tissues, fibres undergo many stages of elaboration along the process which causes great changes in them. By contrast, it is a simple and low cost system to obtain nonwovens, being an ideal medium for bags and sheaths which guarantees their reuse because of productís toughness and durability. These bags and cases, as well as being a continent for your products, can be designer pieces adaptable to a multitude of ways, through the fabric and colour, they result being valuable items that clients often reuse, making from a simple packaging bag a major advertising exhibitor of your brand, logo or image. These bags allow you to work with lower minimum orders in comparison with plastic bags, so they become a serious alternative also because nonwovens are really less expensive than bags made with other textiles.

, aware of this concern and endorsed by their experience in the packaging sector, introduces in the European market a new type of fully automatically made reusable bag in order to follow reducing fabric costs and to be competitive with existing plastic and paper bags.


These are automatically made and ultrasonically welded nonwoven bags without using hand stitching.


-   We reduce the manufacturing cost so this product becomes an ideal replacement to plastic and paper bags.
-   Long durability and once bent needs less space.
-   All bags of the same order are equal so we can reprint them in small quantities that guarantees the ideal final result.
-   100% recyclable.